Eps is eco-friendly

EPS (Expanded Sintered Polystyrene) IS ECO-FRIENDLY!

Aipe (Italian Association of Expanded Polystyrene) and its members

created a symbol to denote all the high-quality and eco-friendly EPS products.

EPS FOR GREEN is the new logo which identifies the Italian member companies of AIPE (Italian Association of Expanded Polystyrene),

which manufacture EPS products (thermal insulation slabs, packaging), respecting quality and sustainability values,

two cardinal aspects which aim to ensure the safety of users and the environment in which we all live. 

 The symbol “EPS FOR GREEN” allows all the stakeholders, designers, construction companies, retail distributors and consumers to find the right product, surfing in the selection of high quality EPS products, which have been transformed in the country and which are safe and environmentally friendly.

For more info, download the document.


 Source: Aipe